What does pole dancing do to your body?

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Some pole-dancing instructors will recommend you should not wear any clothes or skirts that show off your butt. Your waistline is a place you want to be in the evening, so it must be well hidden.

Some instructors will discourage wearing any pantyhose or bikinis. That is fine if you are on a tight budget. But if you’re on a budget and also going to spend lots of time trying to hide your body (and not doing anything fun and sexy like twerking, burlesque, or bikinis), then it might be a wise thing to skip them.

What’s the etiquette about wearing makeup?

Pole dancers usually don’t wear makeup. You don’t want to look at someone in the audience and just think, “Ugh, he/she’s boring.” If you’re going out of town and want to go out pretty, then go with some professional makeup. If you’re having fun, don’t worry about looking like you’re doing it too much. If you want to go out and make everyone jealous of you for going out and doing something silly, go with a fake make-up. But don’t over do it, or you’ll look like a weird old person, and that’s just not cool.

How is pole dancing different from regular dancing?

Pole dancing is so different from regular dancing that it’s hard to describe how it differs from traditional dancing.

We might say that you’d see people from both types of dancing on the same level, maybe with a dash of drag or circus performance that really works to entertain, but in general pole-dancing has a greater emphasis on body movement than it does traditional dance (and that’s a great thing). It’s also more of an open-mouthed party, so you can dance without any fear of being judged. People that are new to the industry will often notice that you’re not dancing like you would with a straight-up straight bar (or barman). It takes some getting used to the different feel of pole dancing though, especially if you’re used to conventional dancing, so it’s good to start practicing a little bit with both types of dancing, so that if you’re on the edge, you might not have to jump over the line.

Where can I find pole dancing classes?

There are a number of great dance organizations in the area that have classes going on at different times each day. Check the websites or call