What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dancer Lyrics Wale

Most of the tips that you will read here will address some of the fundamental elements of pole dancing, and will help you master some of the techniques that will enable you to improve your performance.

1. Learn to focus on your technique when you are doing exercises.

This is the most important. If you’re not doing exercises, you won’t be able to focus on your technique. You’ll have to be more alert all the time, in situations where a certain technique or movement is needed, but it’s not yet clear to you how to apply it to the position.

Your best option here is a technique review. If you do this when you are moving in the air, the process will reinforce your moves. It will also make you more aware of where you’re going wrong and help fix it.

2. Become more focused on what you’re doing.

The easiest way is to start practicing one or two moves. This will get you used to the feeling of the space, and will also give you an opportunity to practice more.

I did a beginner pole class. I was sore for days and had ...
If it’s not your favorite move, you will likely never get too good at it. However, it does show you what you’re doing well. And it also means you’re getting better without ever really moving, and without moving at all.

3. Move with an awareness of where you are moving.

A lot of people feel that they know where they’re going with their dance when, actually, not so much. They’ll think they’re in the place where the move is going to be, but they’ll never be in it. You need to know where you are moving so that you can know where you’re going to be next time or where you’ll be if you fail.

4. Be aware when you’re moving back.

As stated before, pole dancing requires you to move, and it takes practice and awareness to move quickly and with a sense of balance. The same can be said about getting back when you’re moving away from the pole.

When you move to one of your backside or your hip, pay attention to what’s in front of you. What is the feeling and action of your body as you move? Where are you going to be? Why are you moving there? If you have a feeling that you’re going into your stance, move into that stance. If you have a feeling that you’ll pass, move to the opposite stance and back to the forward stance.

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