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Do you do them regularly?

A pole dance is about a combination of movement and breathing. I think most of what I do is a combination of footwork and breathing, it’s not just the movement because I do things in a way that’s a step out of this traditional dance. It’s more like yoga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is one of those things that a lot of dancers use the wrong techniques for. With footwork you should use feet. You have to do movements without taking your balance away from the other person.

Do you do pole dances or do you just kick?

I mostly do just kick or tumbling, but I do do this sort of thing. I love tumbling. I’ve been doing something with the same teacher in Italy. I actually have learned to put my legs on the floor when I fall because it helps your legs be able to absorb the impact.

Do you think pole has really taken off in America and how? What is your opinion?

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I think it has because the internet has opened our minds, allowing us to see different people. It also helps people understand the world in their own language. People have a sense of self, for example when they talk to me, in Italian, everyone speaks in Italian like me! A lot of young girls look up to us, and they want to dance around their friends, but it’s more about being themselves in the moment. They learn to dance from us. I’m very lucky that I am able to be my own instructor, and I think that many Italians feel that same way. They feel that being able to be their own instructor makes my job infinitely more interesting to them.

Do you think there have been a lot of hip hop fans that are looking to get into pole dancing?

I think it’s more a music industry phenomenon. I think hip hop dancers are more known these days because they’re younger. Hip hop dancers are older, they’ve learned more from the world and they have a lot of experience. We’re young and we tend to try to be as original as possible. But we don’t really know many older people, so we just have to listen to other people learn from us instead of talking to us. It’s more of a scene, it’s not like when you went out and had a party with your friends and everybody danced to your music.

What are some hip hop skills that you’d like to see a person learn?

I think the first

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