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There is no word for it in English, though in Spanish, the word “pole” generally means “place of the dance.”

What is the difference between Pole Dancing & Pole Dance? Pole Dancing is an art which is danced in front of a large audience, to the accompaniment of traditional songs and traditional dance routines. Pole Dancing typically requires no equipment – the dancer may simply be able to walk or run around and perform many of the same movements. However, once the music starts, it is difficult (and in some case impossible) to stop the dance. If your audience is large and you have enough space you can even place your performers on the floor.

What Is Pole Dancing About?

This art is performed by a group of people who have a love of the dance. If you are not familiar with this art, it may seem simple at first glance. But when you see what goes through the mind of those who want to do it, it’s a different experience. Pole Dance is about having fun at every moment.

There are many people who come to pole dance and see dancing on your shoulder or on your back and their first thoughts are “they can do that too.” It’s like a sport/class with no rules, and it’s much more fun than most physical activities – at least, that’s what I’ve been told.

Many think all dancing is done in the air. And the truth is that is not what we do. If I ever tried that, I would just laugh at you and walk away.

Our music is the way we dance. We can dance in our favorite music, or we can change it for a quick change, when we are feeling a little out of sorts. So, why not dance with our favorite music? You can even dance with different music, just for fun.
Intermediate Pole Dance Moves

Some people love using the pole to make themselves more comfortable. Others would rather have the pole in the way it traditionally is – on the ground. I personally like the pole in the ground, so I use it that way – sometimes more than once.

As a dancer, pole dancing is more of an experience than a physical act. That’s why we dance with our hands in our pockets while the music and dancers are on the pole. Some people have tried doing that and found it to be very uncomfortable, but I just don’t believe that. It is a part of our experience and we are just a part of it.

What are some common misconceptions

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