What is exotic pole dancing?

A Pole dancer from the country of Colombia will hold a pole dance audition for your next special show in your city.

These auditions will take place at an exotic location and are for people who are interested in coming to the US to perform on the stage.

To be accepted to the audition, a minimum of 45 minutes will be required per performance to be able to perform for five hours.

How much does the audition cost?

There is an $85 audition fee. It is non-refundable.

I need more information about the audition

Contact your nearest show organizer for more information or to arrange an audition call or email [email protected]

You can also see more information about the show at www.Poledance.com.

I have an audition but there are still spots available for that day

If you need another audition date, please contact us or a show organizer to find out the location and time.

Can I bring my own pole to the audition?

Yes. If you have been invited, you can bring your own pole on your date to a show, but you must be available for the audition.

We do recommend that you have a pole that can travel long distances.

Can I audition on a weekend after my next show?

We don’t have a strict scheduling for this date. Generally after your show the following weekend’s shows aren’t available until next Tuesday.

If I get turned away because I don’t have an outfit on how do I know if I have the pole skills to qualify?

Before an audition, it is important that you see who is going on top of you during the audition.

Are there any requirements or conditions when applying for the P.A.A.? What are the pay rates?

We do require that you have a solid dance background. Our staff is comprised of dancers who have done several shows. If you’re auditioning for one of our shows, which will be our debut to promote our career and our future shows, our staff is willing to work with you on getting that experience.

Other than that, this is completely up to you and it is always recommended that you schedule an audition before you plan your performances.

If I have a question about where to audition or how an audition process works what should I expect?

We will be in touch about everything you may be wondering during and