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Pole exercise is a bodyweight exercise system that is specifically designed to be used for bodyweight training. This means that its exercises are specifically designed for each arm (and sometimes both) as all the exercises are specifically designed to be taken in sequence with no interruption.

It is important to note that it is not uncommon for individuals to be using this same system for both legs at the same time to create the unique movement patterns that they would normally need to create in order to exercise the whole body. Some individuals may use this system to perform their bodyweight exercises (using the same muscles in both legs at the same time) while others may use this system to perform leg exercises (using one leg at a time for exercise) or both legs altogether (using both legs at the same time using one chain). This system is designed specifically to be used for both legs during exercise.

For some athletes the use in which you use this system, depends on your training goals. For example, for some people the use of this system is more beneficial than a general fitness routine that incorporates a combination of general fitness (using the same muscle groups for weight lifting) with bodyweight exercises. The system is designed for specific reasons and will help to achieve that goal and may help you develop more strength with the body as a whole.

Great routine to try for the beginners! ‪#‎beginnerpole‬ # ...
You must develop a routine that will achieve your body’s individual fitness level and also your health needs.

Examples of exercises

Please refer to the video below.

What is part one of the system?

For leg exercise systems, it is assumed that you start off with the hip strengthening exercises. However, it can be argued that if you start your training program with the pelvic muscles strengthening exercises, you would be progressing too fast!

To accomplish this step, you would start off by performing the hip strengthening exercises, only to replace them later with the pelvic strengthening exercises.

How is this different from other exercises?

Pelvis strengthening exercises such as the Bulgarian press or the barbell squat are excellent methods for developing flexibility for your body; however, it is much more effective to use a general exercise routine that includes all of the normal bodyweight exercise. This allows you to have as many muscles engaged during the movement as possible. This includes both the hip and lower back muscles being utilized to a small degree.

This would include the following:

Hips – the barbell, dumbbell, and shoulder press exercises.

Arms – leg press

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