What is pole exercise? – Pole Dancing Pictures

Pole exercise is the act of pushing a pole up and over head. It can be done by children of all ages, in any position, in any direction. It is a simple exercise; it can be done anywhere, as one could find it at home, for a very small sum of money. You do not have to use a pole but can use any large object – even a piece of wood. It is done in two ways: as high as you can go and then going as low as you can. The exercise is done by standing in a straight line, with your hands, either holding the pole up (over your head) or holding it down. It is very important and you should wear either a high or a low hat. You might also choose to wear a head covering to protect your head and also to protect your face.

How do I go into pole exercise

You will find poles are on sale at the local hardware shop or at supermarkets. There are also stores where you can buy cheap poles and poles at a great discount as well as those at the gym.

Do I have to go into pole exercise each day?

Yes, each day you have to go into pole exercise, that is when you are at home. You will find them on sale as in England you won’t be able to buy a large amount of poles at a time, not till the end of May.

Do I have to take a pole or not?

Yes you have to keep looking for a better pole and pole exercise is a great way to keep improving your posture. If you have a very nice looking pole you will have the advantage in getting pole exercise while the pole is in use. However, when you do have a nice looking pole, the best times to come into pole exercise are at the end of January and in the end of March.

After which time will I be able to work out?

This depends on the type of pole exercise you decide to try. You can do pole exercises by going to the gym at home or you can start with an exercise class. You should start with a class before you go back home because once you start you will be bored and want to get back into a more dynamic activity. There is no reason why you should not try any exercise.

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