What parts of the body does pole dancing work?

The best advice is to be comfortable in your dance position, with your ass to the wall — or on top of your shoes. Keep it simple.

If you are performing, keep your shoes off the floor, and keep a comfortable height between your legs. Remember to keep your hips level with your knees, which is why there is a low pole (at the waist). You want to keep your butt pointed upward to make the pole appear to be falling down. But, do use the hips to bounce your legs off the floor, and keep your hips down to make the pole appear to be falling up.

There are many other parts of the body but these are what you have to work with when pole dancing and will help to keep you in that position. The most basic is probably your thighs. If you feel your thighs are too high (too close to your feet) your hips and butt ought to be in a lower position to compensate the low hip position. If this is not the case, then you may need to lean forward on your heels while in your low pole position. This is a very subtle move and you may need to practice it, but it will make a huge difference.

Poles and a partner can be a challenge. Do you share the pole at once or do you share at one corner and take a turn? I also know a woman who went pole dancing with two other dancers but was only able to dance one pole at a time in front of her. My advice is to be prepared to be alone when trying to dance the same person in a pole, so do not be overly concerned if they are a bit off.

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Are poles too low? How high?

If you don’t need to go super low, or if you only need to stay a little in the low-to-lower-but-not-so-low positions, then you will probably want your pole on the bed or back of your car. If you have to have the pole on flat, straight surfaces, then you should have plenty of room. That is, there should be no space between the pole and the ground.

Also, if you have to be close to the ground, it’s best to stand so that you can keep your arms at your sides and have your knees bent. The goal is balance and not to bounce up and down. The farther you go over the poles, the more difficult it becomes and the harder it is to control a lot of the movements.