What should a beginner wear to pole dancing?

Well I’d suggest to stay warm, a good wind jacket, and not much else. Keep warm, of course. If not to pole, then to a warmer venue. If not a warmer venue, then a venue with a good wind and plenty of space. I want someone pole dancing to be comfortable in the heat, because the heat is what creates pole dancing. If we can stay warm, we can move faster.

There are numerous videos available of some of the current masters doing great things at Pole Night in New York, but there are always going to be beginners out there who get lost. Some people are just shy and don’t come back to pole dancing; others want to try it, but don’t have the necessary experience. Some are afraid of their body. That’s ok – don’t be. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of learning to dance. And it’s a skill that you can develop into a skill that you’re going to do everyday for the rest of your body, and your energy. Some of you just need to get your feet wet!

So what kind of gear do I need to get the ball rolling from here? I’ll give you my suggestions, and then I’ll add my personal experience to it too. I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about pole dancing, but I am very passionate about the subject, and know that I am far outside of the scope of the pole-dancing community. Let me do some of the learning for you, then you can decide for yourself.

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How do we get people to learn, especially if they don’t even know what pole dancing is? A simple technique which I personally use at home is to put a blanket on one leg, and then stretch the other leg across the blanket. This helps the muscles of the core work, and helps you relax. As well if you have people over then say, you can take them over to a pole, put them on the mat, tie this thing on your lower body, and then get into that position with one leg over the blanket, and then the other leg just behind. This will help loosen the muscles at your lower back and core a bit, and also gets your core to work with the weight of the pole.

You can also do it with the feet and use a pair of ballet flats. This will help your feet work more. You can have a pair of shoes or sandals on either, but if you are not accustomed to using the