Where did pole dance originated? – Jacqueline Pole Dance Workout

  This one is more fun:  From the early 1700’s, the pole dancers were popular with Europeans, so people came into the American colonies for this activity.  They were referred to as “fiddler” and were given a great deal of respect (and, you know, dance for hours!).  However, I am not a “fiddler” (you’re in luck in this post), so I have not learned any of the more elaborate dances or the more sophisticated moves.  For the record, here’s a full (but somewhat lengthy!) introduction from the American Folk Dance Library :  “Fiddler” and “poet” are synonymous in this country. The word “poet” is not used here in a pejorative sense; it is used primarily as a term of endearment. A fiddler, or poet, is any person who is in love with music, especially music that is an instrument of dancing. Poetry, dance, music, and all that jazz makes, etc., are all part of a man’s life. As the old saying is, one’s soul is his or her dance, and so it is in the case of fiddlers, who love the music of their music.  The word fiddler derives from the French word for fiddler, fiercer, fiercier, or fiercerier, which means to cut with the knife. “Poet,” on the other hand, comes from the Latin word for poet, poetema, which means “one who writes” or “a writer of poetry.” The fiercer, fiercerier, is often called a “fiddler.” The term was not popular in England in the 1600s. It was introduced into England about the year 1440, from France, where it is still popular in various European languages, such as French and Dutch, and is found most commonly in New England, especially in New York and New England.  It was also adopted into the English laws of the 1700’s, although the actual legal term was not defined until the 1880’s. The term fiddler, “poet,” is derived from a word used in New France, in which the English word was used to mean “poet.” In other words, fiddlers were not poets. (Some have incorrectly claimed fiddler as it was adopted into the English laws of the 1700’s, but that is not how it originated.) Fiddler is the word that we today use to describe a f

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