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I’ve heard that one. I don’t know it’s the top three but if you could choose just one, who would it be and why?

Haley Davis



I don’t have an answer because for many years I didn’t think the best pole dancer was Kane. I think it’s probably something to think about when you’re looking at who’s the best female athlete in the world. It’s not a debate. It’s a question of who was the most successful and who was the most successful in the world on the most famous stage. I think the competition is incredibly intense with so much going on, especially in the Olympics where there’s going to be 100,000 people on the field. It’s like being the guy who doesn’t win the Super Bowl and it’s hard not to go to the bathroom, but if all your teammates are doing the same thing, you’re not going to get in trouble. Kane did it with a great deal of consistency and a wonderful sense of humor. He was always joking. But, I think if you’re talking top three, Kane would be number two. Of course, that would also give me the impression he’s not a great pole dancer.

DAVIS: He definitely was.

OBOROS: He was pretty good. I think it could be somebody who’s already a champion, somebody who’s going for the pole or someone who’s going to get a little bit of exposure, but if he was good enough in the Olympics he would probably take them back.




Not really. I really don’t think so.

O’Neill takes a sip from his glass. FASADIAN

So yeah, I do like the way he’s turned things around, and there have been some moments in his career that it’s like, you know what? People are going to go out of their way to help him out. But it doesn’t seem like those people’re trying to help Kane because they’re all friends with other poles. He’s not trying to push anybody out or anything. It’s, like, this is his day job and it’s to make money as a professional pole vaulter and if people aren’t willing to do that he still makes money and I think he made enough here to be able to stay out of trouble.



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