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In his first press conference since his resignation as U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul said it was “unfair” that Russian authorities “had my passport” when he was in Moscow.
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In a Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren on Thursday, McFaul — who was appointed ambassador to Russia in 2013 and held the position for a year — said it was not appropriate for Russian authorities to have his passport.

“I was not in Russia illegally,” McFaul said. “I came to Russia on my way from China, but I do have a passport, and it is valid in another country, and that’s just very basic.”

Russia has denied it has the capability to steal McFauls’ travel documents. Instead, Russia says he entered the country on September 4 and left on October 18.

In a response to the report, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said she wouldn’t agree that it was a problem.

“The fact that we’re saying I had the passport of this person who came from another country is not in any way problematic,” Zakharova said in a statement Tuesday. “However, the official position of the Russian Foreign Ministry is clear: he should have the right to apply and receive an invitation to visit [other] countries.”

Russia also reiterated to NBC News in a series of tweets Wednesday that it was unaware of the ambassador’s travel to Russia until last week, one day after he resigned.

There is no evidence that McFaul was ever arrested — and Moscow has never denied that it is possible for authorities to steal travel documents.

Trying to stay warm during a cold day and a bad rain in Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology is now testing a technology that uses LED light to heat water in a kettle.

The water heater can be used to create steam or steam boilers to clean water, according to the university.

The technology could also be used to heat an entire house, the university said in a statement.

The technology is a prototype of which is being tested on a lab that could be used to heat multiple buildings, said the university’s assistant professor of power electronics, Matthew Wilson. He said the university hopes to start production for heat oil and fuel in a year or two.

An Irish priest who married a woman in Canada has been ordered to return to Ireland and face charges of human

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