Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Pole Dance Moves That Involve Legs Only Pics

Well, we get at least one question every night. This question gets asked a lot, and it could get very interesting:

So what is the best pole dancer in the world? Well, it’s quite confusing. It’s almost like it’s like the question if the best of all time. The best pole dancer should also be the best dancer in the world (unless you can convince me to believe that Michael Jackson is the best). But that’s also kind of a stupid question.

*New* Pole dance combo-- Butterfly to Inside leg hang ...
I’ve tried to do my best to do a fair analysis of our best pole dancer, and it was not an easy task. We all have different experiences with one another, especially pole dancers, and the best pole dancer can really be anything. This is a big question. Many years ago, I met a very talented young dancer in Toronto, and she told me how she was the best pole dancer in Canada. So I wrote an article with the title “Best Pole Dancer in the USA”.

That article got a lot of traffic, because it was the most common title. It got a bunch of shares, and people were really interested. It’s hard to keep track of all these views, like what I am doing here; I have over 3-1000 followers on Instagram (most of you see Instagram as a place to keep up with all your friends, and a place to connect, like it was just a 10-20 years ago), and I also have quite a few friends on social media. I try and stay up to date on their reactions to whatever I’m doing.

One day I realized, that it was probably not the best choice to have multiple titles for the same person. We have different people. It was important to find a title that would be useful for everybody, but also would cover a range of experiences from the pole dancing world, from the individual that is most passionate about pole dancing.

So I thought, “Let’s just focus on one nameā€¦ And I need to write like 6 articles, so I need to keep them up to date, and they have to cover a wide range of experiences. For example, you can’t just be the best pole dancer at one pole club, and then you can be the best person on Facebook. We all have different strengths and weaknesses.” And so I tried to write a piece (now I was starting with the best dancer in the world again, but on a different scale) about a great dancer in each country, and I would use different words

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