Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Pole Dancing Gif

You don’t know because I am not doing pole dancing… It is impossible to think about the best possible pole dancer and the best possible pole dancer does not exist.

That’s why I am only doing what I am doing, which is to find the ultimate pole dancer who will become the best pole dancer in the world: A pole dancer who is the champion and only Pole dancer, who have the ability to go in the pole dancing world like only Pole dancers, they are only pole dancers and have the ability of becoming the best pole dancer, not only I can become the best pole dancer, but my family and I too can become pole dancers. We can become the champion pole dancers and when I become the best pole dancer in the world, that will show that I am a pole dancer, I can show that pole dancing is a sport that is beautiful. The pole dancing and Pole Dancing world is beautiful, because Pole Dance is a sport. We must make all pole dancers happy. All the pole dancers should have the right to make it and be happy and I will tell the pole dancers that we must make it.
Miss Pole Dancing Argentina and Sudamerica 2010

How do you manage your weight? When we perform for people, we work extremely hard in all phases of our performance, that’s because the last point is we need to make sure that our pole dancers will be happy because they will be able to see the same beautiful dance that the pole dancers do every single day.

Pole dancers are extremely difficult and strong and it depends upon the pole dancer how much weight they can lift to be able to perform…

It’s not so much how much weight they can lift. One of the last things, and I believe, one of the hardest things in my life has been lifting in pole. For me, it’s not so much the weight lifted as trying to do what I can to train my muscles so I can perform and to be able to train even more to lift more weight. The biggest part is in keeping my weight as well because if my weight stays in the same place or changes because I lift more, for the last part of my performance in pole and also in some other areas in my life that has been stressful, like I have been in a lot of different conflicts and I also have been injured because of my weight, it’s very hard for me to maintain my weight. There’s a part of me that’s trying to change it, like there’s another part of me that is trying to force it. But in my mind, the most important

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