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“It’s an expression for our freedom to show our feet. This type of ballet is a celebration of the feminine form. In the tradition of classical ballet, the traditional dance has the woman standing on one knee with her feet together.

“When male actors are performing with women on the screen, it is not a challenge for them, but a statement, like, ‘These people can do this. They are strong and beautiful.’

“This is the kind of dance we want to be a part of. This is why it’s called ballet, to be inspired by femininity. Our goal is to have female dancers dance around the world and bring that dance around to your community.”

Do your local club dancers have any tips to share?

“I think one that is very important is the practice of the choreography. Dance is a great tool for teaching others.

“The second thing I think is, and I’m quoting one of my colleagues the other day, one of the most important things women do to keep themselves strong in their bodies is to have fun with their bodies. If you practice every day, at the same pace with the same movements, with the same strength, you’ll be stronger over time.”

What can we do to support our local clubs that are open to women in a variety of styles?

A: “There are places that are doing a great job, but I have seen a large number of dancers being denied admission to classes because these clubs don’t allow men. If they were all male, what would those dancers be doing? These women just don’t have the right to dance, but they have to find a place to dance because there isn’t a place that suits them.

“We have a lot of women who do not fit into that category but have never been told from the moment they learned how to walk, to give up dance. That’s a huge issue.

“I think one place that does not have that challenge is at the ballet club level. I think it is so important to have diversity in the dancers that the clubs are open to women in their dances. We need to keep that diversity alive, and I think we’re seeing a shift in that direction.”

B: “I’m a strong supporter of the work that goes on, and I think it’s important for us to continue to support them, whether they’re male or female, male or female, because a good ballet dancer is more than just a

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