Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dance Competition Usa

The answer is they do not.

They are worn for the purpose of creating a strong gait and for maintaining proper posture. When not in use, they can be removed from the dancers to keep them balanced, allowing them to dance their routines as intended without having to worry about putting their heels on.

Wearing heels during a pole dance is a conscious choice – it is meant to enhance performance, not to compromise it, and to create a sense of balance as they move between choreography and posture.

How do I know if my ballet shoes are too tight, too high or too looser?

Please note that many ballet shoes are not designed to accommodate the different sizes, heights and depths of your feet, and some even come with extra padding.

The best way to determine the right shoe for you is to compare to your ballet shoes you often wear, and to your ballet shoes your dance partner wears. Be sure to check that the shoe has a toe tab that allows for a natural fit.

Please keep in mind that many ballet shoes, especially those worn at night, are also made for the dancer’s feet.

How do I measure my feet?

Walking along, measure the sole length of your feet against a ruler or tape measure.

The closer the measurement, the more “real-life” they feel:

Foot size is determined by how the foot is held and balanced. Your feet, if you are right-handed, point to your right side and will be smaller in width when compared to your left foot.

When to wear ballet shoes: when you are dancing, not when you are standing.

You should also be aware that ballet shoes are not meant to be seen, and must be used judiciously.

Wear your ballet shoes when you are: dancing, not when you are standing.

Wear other shoes when walking, in order to maintain balance and to assist in your performance. Also, if wearing shoes are hard to remove, please bring your own pair, or purchase new ones. Some retailers may offer shoes for purchase at a lower price, with the benefit of returning the shoes before the purchase period has ended.

Where can I get help with my measurements?

The only way for a dancer to determine how they are shaping their feet is for them to take on their shoes and measure themselves. The more accurate the measurement, the happier the dancer will be, and the lower the cost for

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