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And why isn’t it sexy?

You may have noticed that the term “pole dancing” is being thrown around a lot these days. It started when the American Association of Dancers (AAADA) added the word “pole” to its definition of “dancing”. When it was still just a short, slangy word, people were really into it. For the past several years it’s been in common use, and many of the same people are still pole dancing – some more than once a week.

Most people who aren’t pole dancers know that pole dancing is not only sexy, it’s also an effective workout and a good tonic for any dancer looking for a boost of energy. It’s a form of exercise that helps to loosen muscles that you need to maintain. I would say that pole dancing is more than just aerobic exercise. It’s a way of being.

A Pole Dancing Lesson

I’m happy to say that pole dancing is far from a difficult skill to learn, and it’s actually quite well-suited to the general population. You can learn the basics in no time, and as a teenager your best friends will be on board to help you out.

A beginner in pole dance will have no trouble learning the basic movements and movements that most dancers use. Most of us can do them all pretty seamlessly – from the hip to the legs. As a teenager you will most likely be a little behind. I would recommend starting off on your feet with a step or run on a firm surface such as a tarp or sheet. If you have a partner, have them lead the way. As time goes by, your body will become accustomed to the steps and starts to master the rhythm and steps.

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of pole dances, check out my article (or video below) about How to Learn Pole Dancing.

Why am I so attracted to pole dancing?

Here are a few reasons why:

As a teenager I learned so much about the ways that I was different and how I could stand out. I had a whole range of different ways of speaking and wearing my hair.

I took pole dancing very seriously. I would come home early from school and be dancing by the time I got home.

There were these fun things going on at school that I had to check out. Like learning the dance moves for the school’s pole dance competition. Like seeing the various pole girls in my class

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