Why is pole dancing attractive? – Pole Dancing Championships

There may be an evolutionary rationale for this, or it may simply be how men and women alike view the human body in its various states of transformation (including fertility, aging, and physical exhaustion).

The first thing to understand is that humans are not designed to perform a dance. Human sexual organ development is an extraordinarily complex event, and the human female body is just one of an immensely complex assemblage of structures and functions. What we consider a dance is generally just one more aspect in the process of human development, and is thus an approximation of what most people would consider an attractive form of sexual act.

This is not to say that the human female body is not an attractive bodily form, though the notion that you are “better” at a dance or an activity because of a particular physical characteristic is not based in nature. People do choose other attractive physiques and preferences in terms of style or performance to reflect on. In fact, the idea that the human male body is superior does not take into account the complex interactions between the human male and the human female; for example, males have more testosterone and will produce more sperm at their peak, and females have much less testosterone. It is true that if both were present, the male would be the superior one, but with low blood testosterone the female is often better suited for some activities that require more muscularity.

The male of course is the superior one for many activities and is often viewed by females as an authority figure in which they can safely and easily defer their choices. However, if the females’ hormones have not reached their peak in their fertile window, then they are often unable to judge adequately how they are going to react when they are ovulating, a fact that often leads to them delaying the best moment for sexual activities that they would otherwise choose to participate in to avoid pregnancy.

The body as an idealized ideal can be useful for male and female sexual fantasies. However it can also encourage unhealthy sexual behavior, and the sex toys often marketed toward this end of the market are frequently marketed toward women in the pursuit of an unattainable sexual ideal.

In many cases pole dancing provides both physical and emotional stimulation, and has benefits of health and pleasure, in addition to being a fun activity. There is little evidence to suggest pole dancing is inherently harmful, though there are specific risk factors, as noted above, that may play a role in the development of pole dancing injuries.

There is no evidence to suggest it is an effective form of sex education

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