Does Waltz mean to turn in German? – What Is Theatrical Dance

What is the significance of the last line?

Let’s say the book is about Walt and a German woman (not sure what the woman might be). If it’s the case that she goes back to France with her husband, then Walt and all her family must have been wiped out in the attack. It would make sense that this happens, though it’s not clear how. There’s a suggestion that the woman and Walt go into hiding together after the attack (or that Walt goes back to France with her?). In either case, she becomes part of a German resistance movement. The last line implies that she goes home to become a wife for her husband, possibly a German aristocrat. The problem is that while this is true in the book, we have no information that would make this actually possible in the film. In the comic book version, Walter’s family was already dead when he left for Europe in the first place, so it’s highly unlikely that his life would have changed significantly.

The German accent in this scene seems to be a bit of a stylistic mistake. Why would Walt want to learn German? And it’s only in France? If he’s going to go back to his ancestral home, why would he return to Germany? It would make more sense if he was a fugitive in Europe at the time of the attack because it might have been easier to hide. Of course, in the comic book, he’s already been shot and wounded.

A couple things:

Walt has an intense hatred toward Germany.

He wants to protect his family from Germans. Why would he want to help the people of Germany?

The whole sequence in the film takes place during a Nazi rally at the end of the war. As mentioned above, Walt was not wounded in the attack, and even got out of the way.

The Nazis were defeated during the final showdown in 1945, and the Nazi propaganda machine fell to pieces as well.

This section of the novel seems to support a second, earlier theory. In the German comic version, Walt’s family is left behind in Switzerland after the attacks because it would take them too long to find them. In the film, some people were killed at the end, but some Germans left voluntarily anyway.

I think that’s the case. In the comics, the book is set during World War II, but it is also quite clear that the Germans were defeated and the U.S. was occupying Germany after the end of the war.

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