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This, of course, is not clear. (1) Can I just add that the two different translations in the Book of Concord aren’t, as far as I can tell, the same translation? (2) Shouldn’t this be taken as a sign of some kind of translation error, rather than a misreading of the German text? (3) Are these words even in German? I’d be happy if you could provide further information to the best of your ability. Thanks!! ~B.

Thanks for the very helpful thoughts regarding Waltz. We’ve noticed that some people have been confused and we’re pleased to have a clear explanation. The original words are:

Waltz means “a dance” in Latin and that’s the meaning given by the editors of the Book of Concord when they listed the meanings of Waltz (“a dance”) and Waltz (“a sport”) in their “The Oxford Dictionary of Music” (Vol.2, “The Music of Walter Bart”).

It appears that this confusion arose because it’s hard to say which of these two meanings meant something at all. Waltz (“a sport”) has always had a slightly more formal meaning, and that’s why we include it in this entry (even though it’s technically a different dance name). Waltz (“a dance”) has always had a somewhat more casual meaning, and we leave that for people who want to go deeper into it—which makes sense considering that they’re usually drawn to Waltz as a “dance” name anyway!

So the relevant part of your question is whether you mean “a dance in the style of Waltz ” or “a dance in the style of Waltz ” (both meaning “a dance”). Waltz has always had a formal meaning, so it makes sense to show it in the Dictionary if you take the verb meaning “to dance” (as in “to dance the waltz”) and drop the definite article. Thus, the word has always just been spelled Waltz, not Waltz. Thus, there are only three forms that Waltz would be listed: Waltz, Waltz, Waltz, and Waltz, Waltz, Waltz, Waltz. When we list these in the dictionary, we can note that we’re using a common English usage and that’s precisely why we don’t list every single English word that has the same English meaning.

If you meant “German Waltz in the style of Waltz ” then the answer is no

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