How does dance help mental health?

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“People can go through a lot of ups and downs and the idea is that if we can help them stay positive and maintain a high sense of well-being then they’re more resilient and less likely to make the kind of life-altering decisions that may lead to mental difficulties.”

Dance helps people feel more in control of their emotions as the audience, and the music, keeps a consistent beat.

“Just because we all feel happy in the moment doesn’t mean we can stop being angry all the time, we have to be aware of our emotions so we can cope with the world in positive ways,” says Ms Johnson.

“Everyone is different and each of us has different expectations, we need to work at trying to accept the thoughts, feelings and the situations we encounter in our daily lives as part of a normal, ‘balanced’ life.”

Dr Derryn Haughton, a psychologist specialising in emotional wellbeing, says one of the main benefits of dancing in public is that it changes perceptions.

The sight of strangers dancing for the crowd may help users to realise we’re happy and that their emotions are in full-swing.

According to Dr Haughton, it can also help people to make decisions that are in line with their values.

“A lot of the times people are worried about what their neighbours are thinking because people have the view that they’re ‘on the right track’,” she says

“If we start dancing and we get to do happy dance and they’re doing the right tune, the whole world changes because the whole tune becomes in harmony.”

Is everyone as happy as I am?

Dr Haughton says that it’s important to talk openly with friends and family about any feelings of sadness, happiness, anxiety or other negative emotions.

“We’re living in this beautiful, wonderful, happy time right now that seems like it’s almost like you’re living the best life there is and you kind of don’t know what to do.”

One of the many benefits of dance being held in the public sphere, is that most of us can share our experiences with friends and family.

“It’s good to connect with other people as much as you can in a small space,” says Dr Haughton.

“It’s a nice place to be able to hold conversations about anything you might be feeling.”

“One of the more positive aspects of dancing is that we’re not being held