How does dance impact society? – Theatrical Dance

The dance community is quite diverse. Many dancers live in and travel from far and wide; these people can help foster the artistic and societal value of dance. In addition to providing education and information to the youth in the community, these dancers can also be an asset to the community.

As a nation, we can benefit greatly from these dancers. As a young adult, I don’t always know what it’s like to be a dancer. And as a woman, I don’t always know what it’s like to be a dancer. But as a whole, these people can provide me with valuable information and perspectives about what it is to dance as an individual. They can also help shape this movement to be better than ever.

How does dance affect the larger world and the future of humanity?

Dance creates a connection, through music, to the cosmos. Dance is an extension of what it means to be human, and this connects us to others in a deeper, more universal way. As a society, we can gain from all these dancers, both individually and as a group.

These young men from the Bronx are showing that even kids in their own community, can be a force for good. They have become a voice for their communities and the people they’ve come in contact with over the years—and they are taking this knowledge and making it their own.

There’s a lot to like for our young ladies in the video. I have a feeling they won’t regret the impact these dancers have had on the Bronx youth in their community. And, no wonder.

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