Is ballet a social dance? – Different Forms Of Social Dances Of The 1920S

Well yeah, and also…

So does all dancing have some social component or is all dancing just the same?

Or are they all social to different extents, or is there something in particular they all share that make them so?

I think one of the things that’s unique about dance is that some of the social qualities or skills are all part of one thing and that when you work with someone and you are teaching them something new, even if it’s an easy thing to do, you really have to be able to teach that one thing because that’s what you’re about, right? So it’s not all one thing, we have to understand why people have that special skill or that special connection and that kind of thing is important—you can’t just use whatever you learned in class to just get on stage and do that sort of thing.

But a lot of it is cultural, if you go back through my classes, even though it’s all about the movements and I’m teaching that whole social aspect, sometimes I’ll bring in the women’s section and I think “Oh, it doesn’t really matter because, like, the guys just want to dance.” But I really enjoy it and I enjoy having this discussion with them about things they’ve never thought of as social, it’s something that I think they just haven’t thought of.

Sometimes I’ll bring in the women’s section and I’ll say, “I’ve never really discussed with you that I think there’s a social component to dance either. I don’t think this is really for the same reasons as the men’s section, I’ve never felt like I really get into it.” But I still make the argument that the social aspect, it’s the other thing that gets people on stage; it’s that connection that is what keeps you on stage. And maybe it may not be so much in the dance or it may be something along the lines of social etiquette, but a lot of times it’s how people are.

And so my question to you and this is an important one, because so many people are very good at what they do, and then the problem is—I think that many people tend to think of the way that they do dance as a certain way, so they might think, “Oh, I did that because I did it this way, because this is how I learned it, so the way that I learned it can’t be right.”

But one of the things that I

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