Is ballet a social dance? – Fast-Paced Ballroom Dance

Yes, certainly. Although it is only appropriate for the “great and noble” – like Napoleon Bonaparte and Prince Albert of Russia, for instance – and not for the people, it would be easy to say that it is a popular dance. For it is a social dance; it is also an athletic dance; an artistic dance. And the idea of the great and noble is to dance to music, the orchestra, and the stage, especially to the great and noble.

When one listens, one hears the voice and the body; one sees the hands and the feet. This is the ideal of the ballet; this is the ballet of the noble. Thus, the nobility always moves in an unapproachable manner. For the nobility has a great attraction to a ballet because there it can do without physical activity, like a man who leaves the field and enters the house. In other words, the dance is the same as the dance with the nobility.

So, when it is said that in the present-day ballet ballet is a social dance, it is true, but no less true. Therefore, what is the role of the social ballet in society? First of all, the role is that of the social dancer.

The dancer is not responsible for his or her actions. The movement is there, but in that way of the dance the dancer has nothing to do.

The dancer takes place within the dance and becomes a participant. The dance is there with the dancers, as a sign of their connection to each other, their social position.

Is the social dance the same as the ballet?

This question is an important one. For it concerns the future of the dance in society.

Dance is the expression of personal expression, with feelings and emotions. We can think of a person who dances in a house, but on a street, like the person who comes for the same purpose for which he came.

To dance with others is to dance with yourself – and this is the great, great strength of the choreography, in which all the individual emotions are expressed. But the social dancer cannot express himself or herself as a member of the society whose social standing is determined by the dance, as an individual.

If we want to learn how to dance a social dance; if we want to express our individuality with the dance, then this is the role of the social dancer.

Therefore, the ballet, the social ballet, the social dance, is

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