Is ballet a social dance?

Some people feel that it is. I agree. I have met ballet dancers in the ballet world who just don’t understand the meaning of social dancing. I’m sure that the social dancer’s own “dance” may be to get a friend to dance for them but not for the purpose of social dancing. They are not dancing to get their friends to dance for them.

So does dance belong in the social circle?

No. Dance exists outside the social circle. Dance is social dancing.

The social circle is social dancing and dancing to dance around the social circle is social dancing. It is a whole different and more diverse social circle for dance. And I see dance as part of social dancing. The social context for ballet dancer means they understand the dance has a social context in it. It is not just another dance. Dance is social dancing. It is a whole new social circle.

To be social is to be social. It is a process of engaging in social activities. Dancing is not a solitary activity it is like being in a social circle. The social context means dance is also social dancing.

The social dance in the social context.

When you dance and dance around to dance as part of a social dance it is in a social context. Dance can be in a non-social context. But you won’t know this until it happens.

In the dance context: I danced to get my friend to dance for me. Not because we shared a friendship or because we were dancing. I danced to dance around the social context in which we dance.

Do social dances make me more social?

No. Dancing in a social context doesn’t make you more social. It just makes you more of a part of a social conversation. But dancing around the social dancing, if it happens naturally, is the most social dance imaginable.

What about dance as an experience? What about dance as a thing I do?

Dance gives me experiences. You’re an individual to decide. Dance means dancing the social context and then dancing the social context with your friends. Not just to dance the dance. Dancing the social context means sharing your experience with your friends. Dancing the social context means sharing your experience and dance with your friends. Dance is social Dancing takes you on a different path than dance in a completely different context

What do the social dance experience have to do with social dancing?

The social dance experience is an experience other than dance. When