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What music should be more popular?

Music is an expression of the human spirit. So when we want to get to a place, we go looking for a place. There’s not a thing that could convince people that it would be wrong to just dance around, and that that would be a really big mistake. But, there’s something that we all agree on when we’re sitting around and playing music that doesn’t have any relation to dance: It’s just very good, and very, very fun. I think what we’ve said is we’d like to hear people talk about it.

A new study has found that in the US, over 30% of the world’s climate scientists do not believe in man-made global warming. This figure jumps to 40% in the UK.

The BBC reported that climate change research group, the Climate Research Unit, claims that around 10% of them simply “don’t believe in it or have a strong argument for why they think it is not happening.”

While the UK, US, Ireland, Israel, Spain, and Austria have also shown a strong majority opinion on whether climate change is happening or not, a new analysis found that in Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, and Norway, nearly 30% say they do not believe in climate change. Of those who “don’t believe” in climate change, 26% think it’s real while just 9% think the earth is warming or has recently warmed.

There are also three countries where the same proportion of scientists “don’t believe in global warming” — Iceland, Poland and France.


The full report by The Climate Institute, the UK’s leading research unit, finds that climate change is the third leading threat to the planet ahead of nuclear weapons and nuclear terror, adding that we must avoid a catastrophic collision with our other planets.

The researchers also point out that almost a third of scientists believe that a significant climate change signal is found in the planet’s magnetic field.

In total, only 7% of the world’s global science community believe human-caused climate change was caused by humans.

The findings come a day after the UK’s chief scientist, Sir Tim Ball, accused those who are “out there making a political or ideological point” of being “bullies,” and described his own work as “a science that is not being used for political ends.”

In response, British politicians including Tim Loughton, the Labour MP for Loughton

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