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Dance as described in the Dictionary of Dance

What is the difference between jazz, classical and more contemporary dance?

This question asks in what order, for example, jazz or classical should be taken to a dance floor. Dances should not be divided into these categories simply because of the order in which they are listed.

What does “bajada” mean in dance?

This question asked in which order, for example, the order in which songs are played at the end of a dance should be taken. Bajada refers to the final movements of a sequence.

Are we really all born with the same knowledge about dance?

This question asks which dances we all know and can perform. This question suggests that there is no difference between a dance and a number of other different dances.

What is the difference between two or more steps in dance?

The second stage, or third or fourth step. This question asks what number of steps is counted as one, for example, four, eight, etc.

When are steps in dance counted from one to six?

This question asks which number of steps count from one to two, four to six and eight to sixteen.

What is the difference between “dancing a few times” and “dancing for a long time”?

This question asks if a sequence of moves would be suitable before or after a long running number of steps. The dance to which a figure is referred depends on the context. The word “dancing” and words like “dragging” and “gyrating” mean the same thing. The word “dancing” derives as a noun from “dance”, which in turn derives from a Greek word meaning “stretch”.

Why do we call a dance “dancing or gyrating” but not “dancing a few times”?

This question asks in what order does dancing and dancing after a long running sequence of steps come into play. The dancing or gyrating sequence of steps is different from the dancing in a series of steps.

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