What are social dances and dance mixers?

In order for a dance to be categorized as a dance mixer, the dance must be performed in two or more parts, one part for the dance and one part for the music. Most of the dances performed by non-commercial dance studios on school tours are performed in part for the dance.

Who are the dance mixers?

We categorize dance mixers by what is recorded in the recordings and when and how frequently. If your teacher is an original Dance Mixing instructor (and we use original instructors in all of our classes), they need to be listed on the syllabus in one of the following ways.
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When a dance is performed for the first time.

As a part of rehearsals for a dance.

As a set, as when a teacher wants an individual to move in the music.

In many Dance Mixing classes, if a choreographer wants an individual to move into a specific piece for a dance, they will ask the parent/guardian if their child is interested in that particular piece of music. The parent/guardian will then provide the parent/guardian with an individual listing of every song in that set. The children can then select which part of the set they wish to dance to at the time of the class.

If a choreographer wants an individual to move into a specific piece for a dance that is not a part of the school curriculum, they will ask the parent/guardian to provide an individual listing of all the school dances and musical pieces they want the individual to dance to at a time or at the class. We categorize dance mixers based on whether they are recorded or not. If an individual is selected to dance to a musical piece, they are recorded in that piece. If the individual is selected to dance to a class or routine, they are not recorded in the piece that is being played.

How do I know what dance classes I am attending?

The main dance studio schedule you can find at dance-mixer.com is the curriculum schedule. Please go over the syllabus with your instructor or your school, or call or email us and let us know what classes you are attending and we will tell you when and how frequently to come see the class you have selected. When you are at the class, you will need to listen closely to whatever music is being played by the dance instructor. The dances in our classes are not designed to have an individual or group of dancers dance to every song in