What are social dances and dance mixers?

Dance dancing is an ancient culture, that’s why it has a history of 400 Years of Musical Instruments and Dance Forms with its special names. As the saying goes, “Dance is a way of life where people from all walks of life find their own path in life – and one way is to dance”. What that means, is that the dances of various cultures were made over the years and that is it, dance dancing.

These dance mixes that you see below are just some of the many and diverse ways that different cultures have been performing and living with each other – both in the modern world as well as the ancient ones!

You won’t find them all but you should certainly have a smile on your face if you’re one of those dance mixers that likes to dance!

The Dance Mixers of the Medieval Europe.

And don’t forget, these dance mixes are just a tiny fraction of the thousands of cultures out there, and don’t be misled by all the “silly music” that you will sometimes see on TV. With a little effort and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to find a mix that perfectly suits your tastes and you should be proud of your own.

See the Dance Mixing FAQ for more.

How to find Dance Mixers

There are several ways of being able to find dance mixers and they differ in terms of speed and in terms of locations. The best way is to check them online from any web site that has dance music. And there are many, many online dance music sources out there.

1. Start with your local dance club and ask the dance teachers or dancers how they do this mix.

2. You’ll usually need to ask them for permission first.

3. Once you’ve found the right dance mix, ask the dance teachers for a reference number. You can ask to be shown a reference number, or you can get a dance mix out of the dance instructor that is just a dance record. Just check that you are not in the wrong place!

4. There are so many dance teachers out there, and you want to make sure that you are not going somewhere that has lost contact with the dance mix. You can check the dance classes that have been posted at dancegeeking.com or in your local newspaper.

5. If you do come across someone who is using a dance mix, contact them immediately. If you have enough friends/connections to