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How do those 3 purposes relate to each other? We will see these 3 purposes being addressed by examining dance from the point of view of our own lives.

First let me say that the dance is always a product of our own lives. Every dance in a dance ensemble has its own purpose. A dance can use a certain element of music to provide an appropriate movement, a simple choreography, or a simple movement with a certain element of music to create a dance. But the primary purpose of the dance doesn’t have to be what we think of as a dance. A dance can be a movement, an instrumental or vocal piece, a performance, a film clip, or a piece of music. When I say a dance can be of any of these purposes, I do not mean that it has to be of the same musical style as the music (although in many cases it very well may). I mean that we have no control over it.

If a piece of music is used to create a dance then you have some kind of control over the kind of dance that results. If the music is used to create a dance to the rhythm of that music, this makes some kind of sense. Now if the music is used to create a dance with a specific element of music that doesn’t relate to any of the other choreographed elements because it doesn’t relate to one of the dance purposes, then you have some kind of control over the choreography of the dance. That’s why the dance is called a dance.

So to say something like “I want to dance” doesn’t mean that you know what you want. A dancer knows what he or she wants and you don’t. For many people it is not at all clear what the purpose of the dance is: Do they want to dance for pleasure or exercise or to express solidarity with another. There is an element of all of these things in the dance but sometimes the dance cannot be accomplished without the presence of another element of the dance. For example, many people think that the purpose of a dance is to express a particular mood or emotion on a certain occasion.

Now if we say “I want to dance” we don’t mean for pleasure. If we want to dance we are going to have to work for it, which is one of the reasons why we think of dance as an act of self-expression. We can be self-disciplined when we want to be so. And we can be artistic when we want to be so. But to

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