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When I look at it:

-How does social dancing compare to social singing?

-How does a social dancer deal with situations at home or with the team?

How can you learn to dance well and dance to the crowd correctly?

How does social dancing develop your body?

And when I look inside-out.

I see how my body develops from an early age:

-From a kid when I can be just a little taller

-From a baby with an umbilical cord

-The first time I see a mother making love to me in the back seat

-The first time I see a father with me

-When I hear my grandfather cry, I cry too

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-I don’t really know how I grew up to be this strong-willed and strong-hearted and kindhearted

But I know:

-I wasn’t born to be some kind of queen for all time (maybe I won’t even become)

-I am born with a strong will inside

“My life’s biggest strength is my determination.”

-John Lennon

The importance of confidence

-When facing failure, how do you overcome it? How do you fight an uphill battle?

-When someone is pushing you too hard, how can you stand up for yourself? Are you strong enough to push?

-How do you make friends? How do you make yourself a good friend?

I feel a lot of my life has been controlled by my expectations and being in control of my life. But I feel like if I am living my dream it’s because of the confidence I have. It makes a big difference!

How do you deal with pressure and pressure?

So many people try and have high expectations when they go back home. Do they become so confident that they don’t even care about others’ feelings?

What’s something you learned from your grandmother?

My grandmother’s wisdom was that to survive life we need to keep things in perspective. She said, “One’s life doesn’t make sense in total. You’re going to meet your destiny, but you have to have hope. You have to have faith. You have to have your faith in one life. The things that don’t look good are really nothing to worry about. There is no reason to be scared of anything. It’s something so big that there are no bad days

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