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Dance etiquette has come under increasing scrutiny by members of both dance, fashion and food communities for its strictness. There are laws, but often very restrictive rules, written into the dance regulations for performers. What is one of the most common questions asked by fans is: “Is there an age restriction?”

Yes, the limit is 18 or 21. Most often, these age limits exist from the moment a young dancer is born to the moment the performer stops training in the formal routines. There are exceptions.

A young dancer who has successfully passed the traditional dance lessons may enter the dance circuit with some experience. He can be introduced to many of the dance routines and skills in advance. It is very common for this young dancer to be in the front row during a concert, an opening ceremony or a dance competition, and be asked to be part of the choreography.

If the young dancer is asked to join an all-female crew or a group of dancers, it may give some indication of whether the dancer is a serious or a bit of a wimp, depending on the specific dance.

Some dancers are given a license to change into any dress in the world, even the tightest and most gaudiest styles. At one end of the spectrum, there is a woman doing a high-waisted short-shorts dance. At the other end, there is a man in a tight black pantsuit holding a pair of high heels and his head bobbing like a top.

While some dancers are very tight and have very loose hair, most are very cleanly parted, their hair always styled.

A young actress or a young dancer who is not a dancer, especially for a live audience, could also be asked to join in the dance if she is asked. It is never okay for an actress or a dancer to walk away from a professional dancer who will not be practicing until after the show has started.

A young dancer who is not practicing for an audience is almost never asking to dance.

The young dancer is never asked to join a group. A large group that includes two or more dancers in tight clothing is considered a formal dance group and must be conducted at a certain speed.

What is dance etiquette for a female dancer?

Female dancers are allowed to have their hair cut when in the public eye.

Female dancers are allowed to wear makeup during rehearsals.

Female dancers are allowed to sing the choreography.


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