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Hi everyone,

Last week I got the pleasure of sharing all kinds of information about the upcoming Hearthstone event World Champions.

Here is what I spoke about:

The Hearthstone World Champions Tournament

We know what is coming next and all we can do is prepare. Since Blizzard has announced a new tournament series beginning with the World Champions event in September, we’ve been working on how we will prepare the players for that.

There are three areas that the event will focus on:

1. Card Selection with an Event Deck Format

2. Matchmaking with an Event Deck Format

3. Card Quality

1. Card selection with an Event Deck Format

In each of the formats, tournament decks will be randomized, not including the tournament deck and the event deck. This means that players will still receive all those cards they received for previous tournaments.

1) We plan to run our first World Champions tournament in a very similar format to our last World Champions tournament last November.

The events will be played in a 4-week period on November 15, 17, and 22. As in past years, the World Champions event will be open to all players but we will offer a special pre-competition invite for the winners of the last World Champions event.

This means that we will not change the format that we have planned for the World Champions event. However, we have changed the format and the number of event packs given out to the winners in the last time.

Additionally, the top 2 players will get a bonus of 50,000 Gold while the bottom 2 players will get no bonus.

2) We plan to run our second World Champions event in the same format as the second last year’s WCQ.

The event will go for 5 weeks. Players will get at least four invites to the tournament. Each of the invites will be based on a tie-breaker (example: “top 8 Player X had a better record than Player Y at the WCQ so Player X gets 8 invites to the World Champions”).

1) We plan to be the fourth World Champions to have an invite from each region.

3) We won’t change how the event deck gets created to make the tournament better for players that get less invites. For example, the event deck could have the same 30 cards from the previous World Champions and the new 4-

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