What are the benefits of dance mixers? – Definition Of A Social Dance

A dance mixer allows to create an interesting background to your dance and make the performance more enjoyable.

Let’s do an example to see the true potential of a dance mixer: let’s say you are creating an original track for your upcoming show. You will try to include different elements to the mix. You will use different instruments – drums, guitar or even voice. This is a good thing, because it keeps your audience interested and excited for the performance. If you use different instruments you are not limiting the possibilities and it is good to work within your limits. But when you combine these elements, you are limiting the performance. Let’s say you start making your track, and you are composing a lot of the music in the beginning. But when you make your track you want to perform it at a live night. Well, to be able to perform a proper dance performance you need to mix this track, but that is something that is not easy. You need to have both sound and visual elements. So you need to use a dance mixer to mix this song. Now if you try to mix the track by ear and play it only with visual elements, you will not be able to mix, because the visual ones will not be compatible to the mix. This is why a dance mixer gives you more options to compose a dance performance and make it a true show. If you have several vocal artists, the only way to mix their voices is to use a dance mixer.

A perfect mix should be easy on the ear. I believe that a successful dance mixer should be easy on the brain and be easy to listen back on the piano.

What are the best dance mixers and why?

I have written this list to satisfy my own need to create a dance mix. For the rest of you, a dance mixer is a mixer that can do some of the basics on its own. So it gives you the possibility to make beautiful music. But a dance mixer can also do many other tasks, including making music, editing, mixing drums, guitars or vocals.

My personal favourite is a MIDI, which is made to be used with sequencers and DAWs.

As far as the price is concerned, the most important thing is the MIDI quality. For a MIDI mixer the quality is usually lower because of higher-quality hardware. Sometimes, on the other hand, MIDI is just an extension of audio. MIDI and digital audio are different things. MIDI is the same

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