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Dance mixers have become common within DJing as the main way for DJs to create music.

They are a fun way for DJs to record their music as quickly as possible.

Using a dance mixer is one of the best ways to improve sound quality because DJs can easily choose which part of the tracks they want.

With a mixer, you can record your mixes as the music is playing or as it fades.

You can even capture the music as it’s being played by the DJ.

DJs can then edit and mix the music once it has become finished before it is played.

For DJs, the benefits of using a dance mixer are:

It’s faster, cheaper and easier

It saves you the hassle of editing, mixing songs, tracking instruments and recording yourself playing your favourite tunes.

It improves what you are playing when you are DJing

It makes sure you and your crowd have the best-sounding music, in all situations

You can even record yourself making music

Dance mixers are a big part of DJing history and there is a wealth of info on them at:

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