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– What is the term for a ballet, a musical, a ballet-like, a pop dancer? (Arts)

– How do the choreographers of a piece relate their choreography to the music? (Choreography and Dance)

– How does the choreographer present a piece of music? (Choreography)

– How do the writers use the choreography as a guide to the music they create? (Choreography and Writing)

– How do you know if a piece is an orchestra piece? (Arts & Choreography)

– What is more important in a piece of music, the melody or the music? (Arts & Choreography)

– How do the writers of orchestras create their music?

– To what extent do different kinds of orchestras communicate within the framework of a piece? (Arts & Choreography)

– What are the techniques an orchestra will use to create a particular style of music? (Arts & Choreography)

– Who is a conductor? (Musical Instruments)

– How do you know if an orchestra has a particular style of music? (Arts & Choreography)

– In what ways does the music of an ensemble of tenors or tenor and basses fit a particular style? (Music Theory & Choreography)

– Describe the type of sound associated with a certain piece of music, that you would find very distinctive and memorable. (Choreography)

– As you study music you will learn to differentiate a work of music from two or more unrelated compositions. (Music Theory & Choreography)

– What are three qualities that an orchestra must have in order to achieve their best performance? (Choreography)

– How do you determine where an ensemble of tenors and tenor and basses belong in a musical space? (Music Theory & Choreography)

– Explain the difference between the “musical” and “acoustic” in a piece of music. (Arts & Choreography)

– What is the difference between creating music with a group and with one person? (Arts & Choreography)

– How do you create music with all the members of a ensemble at once? (Arts & Choreography)

– What are some of the things that an orchestra must do to

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