What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Social Hierarchy Meaning Dictionary Google

The choreographic elements are: A. The rhythmic movement of our bodies in general,

B. The movements of our body and its joints and elements,

C. The movements of the objects, sounds and space of the venue

How does the physical act of dance relate to our inner self, and how will your dance project affect this relationship?

Dancers need to find ways to integrate their sense of self and what they perceive about themselves, the world around them, and the physical space. If we are going to move, our bodies need to be moved through movement and rhythm. Dancing is the ultimate expression of that movement; it is in nature a movement in motion.

What can my community learn from your project and its impact on a young mind?

The project is a great opportunity to use dance as a way to address the needs of individuals who have been disenfranchised or discriminated against due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. By creating a show full of characters that explore issues and issues that youth experience, we are giving young peoples the opportunity to see themselves as they are rather than the ones they want to be. This project will also help create a framework that will help young adults to connect with the arts and with themselves. There are many benefits that can be derived with a foundation built upon this foundation, some good and some detrimental.

What can I do to support this project and make a difference?

The project is run entirely with the donations of individuals who would like to contribute to it, to those who have a connection in the community, or anyone who might have an interest in getting involved with this. If you have any information that you can share, please contact David.

Who will perform?

The first dance in the show will be performed by the Black Youth Alliance on January 13th by:

Zachary Dillard

Beth McNeill

Lionel Brown

Ishaqua Johnson

Gavin McPherson

Lydia Caffrey

A few more names may be added if needed as the group develops.

A few people are set to dance around the venue as part of the art.

All the performances will be recorded and published by Black Youth Alliance.

Where will my donation go?

All of the funds raised will go towards the cost of:

Formal choreography,

Lighting, and


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