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There is the class I and my class, my class. There is that class which is what I call the class we dance in, or in my case, this dance I call the class in which I dance. And, as I say, the class in which we dance is something from which we can choose to take something new or, if we like, to change something new. But, we must try. We must work. We must try to find our place in society.

It takes courage to learn what we like to do, to find we have something to say. It is not good manners to have something said, that is bad social manners.

I say this not with contempt. I tell it calmly. I tell it from a position where I can give you a bit of advice, and so help you to discover, if you wish that you may live, whether this is the place which the world has for you.

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Some of my words are quoted out of context. I do not think, either, that when my opinions are quoted out of context it is just me taking the high road. There is a great difference between taking the high road and trying to be misunderstood.

If you want to have a good day at work, your first step is to keep calm, remember the rules, and get a few things figured out. But this rule also applies to your relationships and social life — what should you do if you run into some problems in your workplace, your community, or online? Don’t just assume that everything is fine, because sometimes there can be surprises, and you might not understand everything.

Whether the problem is a coworker or you, the first step is to identify and address the issue. Often, the first step is the hardest one, because the most important thing is not to let the situation get out of hand; in fact, you want to avoid the most common mistakes. But there are ways to minimize the risk of getting into trouble, so don’t make these mistakes either.

First, Identify the Problem

A person might complain that his neighbor doesn’t clean up after himself, or that someone on the Internet constantly posts a photo of her in her underwear, or just that it all doesn’t fit together.

If such a complaint happens, it could be better if you identified the underlying problem. You don’t need to immediately jump down to fix the problem, that will just reinforce it. It’s easier to do this later, in the background

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