What are the two classification of social dance?

One says, “what is dance? and the other says, “what is not dance?”. “What is dance? is for children, since children don’t dance.” I was a dancer myself. When I was a senior I could teach for 15 hours a week and it was all the same to me. There was nothing new about it to me.

When I decided to go into business, I realised that for most people, being a dancer was like that for every other profession. You would give up everything to get that “real life”, when you did so you were giving up everything else like reading, cooking, talking to people, doing your job and so on. It was much different than being a bookkeeper, or even a doctor.

Do you really want to have a job of that kind, that’s not a part of your normal life? I didn’t think it was possible anyway. You have to be able to put on a show that you are interested and willing to put all your time in. The other part of that is you have to be able to give, or not show, good examples and that people can see how happy you are.

What are your expectations when you decide to make a comeback, for people to know what it is you love and that you can perform? If you go and take the risk and look for a contract, it is a risky move. You have to take the risk. I don’t think anybody is going to be impressed with this album, I don’t think anybody would like it. But I never said I’d give it a try. Why? For the sake of the fans, I think. People don’t understand what it really means to create an instrument, and what kind of pain it would really take to do it. I am giving it all my attention, and I know that if I don’t do it I will lose it. I am giving it my utmost efforts.

You said, “There may be an instrument in everyone’s heart, it’s just there will be a difference between us and them”. What kind of difference?

“I just know that the more times that I go without working, I feel myself getting poorer and poorer, even if someone had given me a job, in my case I would not be able to do it.”

Do you think the musicians who do their work in this way have any power? I want to go back to the question about your music, the more time you spend as an