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Social dance is a dance dance where everyone on the dance floor dances to the music as a group, while dance dance is where all of the dancing is done in the center of the dance floor.

2,000 Year Old Social Dance in Ancient Greece

A typical ancient Greek dance is called pylos, or simply ‘paleon’. The term ‘social dance’ can also be used for dances that are performed to the accompaniment of music during social gatherings.

Why do we do Social Dance?

Many ancient Greeks used it as a form of entertainment, and it also served as an initiation ceremony – an introduction to a new social group by its dancers.

Today, social dancing is still practiced in many parts of the world, from the United States to Central America.

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By: Robert B. Dorman and John K. Wilson

Famed as the place where the world first went to space, the Moon stands as a symbol of humanity’s progress and the exploration of the cosmos. But now, decades after it was first put on the map, scientists and engineers are beginning to suspect that this beautiful but dangerous celestial body may also be a dangerous place — a place in which deadly space debris could collide with the crew of the International Space Station (ISS).

The space debris problem is not new. Astronaut debris has been a major concern for decades. Some of it is not of the type that can cause serious injury, but many is more likely to cause death. Some debris is so small that it would be tiny and difficult to detect or to destroy. Astronauts are particularly concerned about this particular type of space debris, known as micrometeorites.

For example, the most recent “death zone” incident occurred in September 2000, when the Orbital Sciences rocket carrying a NASA experiment crashed shortly after launch into the Columbia shuttle. Afterward, astronauts reported having a “tremendous disturbance” in their heads. Later examination of their brains revealed microscopic pieces of aluminum and steel in their brains due to the impact, and these pieces were found to be embedded with microm

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