What do hip hop dancers wear?

The dancer wears a variety of shoes on stage. She or he must have a pair of shoes that are too big and/or too small to keep up with a person in a dance studio, so that the person can feel comfortable moving about. (As for shoes that fit well, they could be sneakers, running shoes, flip-flops or tennis shoes.) The dancing shoes must be durable enough to withstand long performances and sweaty choreography. Sometimes dancers with shoes of a different size or design are required to wear extra-large shoes in competition. On each leg there are often layers of different materials that have to be pulled up tight to keep the dancers’ feet warm. The shoes are usually black or brown as well as blue and pink.

Are all women in the United States “hip hop dancers”?

Yes. Some hip rappers are dancers, as well as some female MCs. It is also not true that “hip hop dancing is exclusively male.” Many women in hip hop have other interests, including cooking, gardening, painting, being in a band and being a stay-at-home mom, just as many men in the world have other interests. The biggest difference between hip hop dance and other male-dominated dance scenes is that many “hip hop dance” girls have the opportunity to be exposed to other types of music, even the non-hip hip hop styles. If you have a question about something in this article, feel free to ask your question on this page. If you have any questions about hip hop dancing or if you have found anything in this article confusing or incorrect, feel free to ask in the HipHopDanceQuestion Forum!

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