What do hip hop dancers wear?

It depends. A lot of dancers wear really pretty expensive clothing, like couture, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get some of these styles. A lot of the stuff that you’re going to find is more like a fashion statement than it is hip-hop. And I mean it’s not all bad either. Not all good things are hip-hop and not all bad is fashion.

You go back to wearing these things.

It’s definitely an influence. I don’t think there are two different styles of street-style, because you have all these genres, but they all start off with people that are dancing down the street with some kind of hip-hop aesthetic. And then it gets turned into something different from where it originally came from, like a really nice little dress.

That sounds pretty much the opposite of the way I feel.

Yeah! I think the other thing is, I feel like the way that a lot of people dress that is street-style, it’s not really a hip-hop thing. It’s more like a look, in fashion. You might be into punk, but if that’s what’s going on with you, you’d be more like a skate guy, that kind of thing. Hip hop is more street-style than anything. It’s in a certain category, but that doesn’t necessarily say I don’t have any interest in dressing the way I dress.

What was happening from the time you were starting out until you went off on your own?

I started getting kicked to the curb like that. It was my first break. I came back to New York in 2008 from London in 1999, so I’d been in London forever. I never quit partying. That was always an interest of mine. I’d never stopped going to shows, so it was just a question of finding the right venue where I could have fun while being involved. I was still doing my own stuff, making things at home, and putting my own label on stuff. All the other stuff was stuff I did for friends.

I don’t want to say this was a problem, because it was one thing, but it made me feel like nobody wanted to be a street artist at one point. You didn’t have that kind of visibility when you were a kid or someone doing a lot of stuff. That was what I was into, but that’s the kind of stuff I did when I was younger. I didn’t see that people could possibly