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Well in Greek, ChaCha is a combination of “Kacha” and “Cha,” “ka” means the meaning “to change one’s name” and “cha” is short for “chakra”. Basically this means that the power of meditation or discipline is used to strengthen chakras. By adding the power of meditation and training, you can gain more control over your physical world. And by training, you can get stronger and more resilient. So by learning the power of meditation, you can get more confidence and control over the physical world.

What do I need to know to begin ?

ChaCha is not something that you just wake up to; it is something that you have to work at daily. For some, it may be difficult to wake up every day and get into a routine where you feel confident working on this particular aspect of your life. It can be difficult because it may be hard to do. But even after you start seeing big results in your practice, it is important to keep a low profile. There are some people that have the power of ChaCha and just say something like “I’ll go on the hot yoga class and start with some breathing exercises”. But there are people who work on this regularly and even live it. So do not be shy, try taking it up with a mentor or a teacher and don’t be afraid to talk to people about it, because it is something that most people feel strongly about.

So my next question is about meditation in general. I always get asked when I try meditating, which form, which technique works best for me. It can be anything from trying out a few techniques out of many and making some friends, to making some money by renting a place to meditate in, to starting your own business. But as ChaCha is not something that only comes to a person after they have been meditating for a while, I think I first need to know exactly how to start.

What are the goals with training for ChaCha ?

To be able to:

Have control over your body

Feel relaxed but still alive

Feel like you can be free

Feel like you can be at peace



Do math

Make people happy

Take control of your life

Start something new

Learn to be more present in every activity
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Make friends easier

Live a more meaningful life

So what are

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