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If you are a creative dancer, you do not just dance the way people would think ballet or romeo and latin dancing. In fact these dancers create many types of art in the air with their music and form. It’s called “creative dance”. You may dance in a traditional style or a variety of styles, but what I often call “Creative Dance” is created from the breath you take in the air. There is a lot of variety and lots of interesting things are created using this art form.

Many dancers will teach you the moves or choreography. They will show you where to put the foot and will tell you how to stand. The important thing is, you can dance it. You can work on your technique. You can learn the music and the dance itself and then you can build on it. You can even create your own dance that you can share with others. There is plenty of room for your creativity in a creative dance. Here are some creative dance videos I’ve created that I suggest you watch:

Creative Dance – Part 2 How To Create Creative Dance – Part 1 How To Dance Creative Dance

Creative Dance – Part 2 How To Dance Creative Dance – Part 1 How To Dance Creative Dance

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