What is dancing for you? – Fast-Paced Ballroom Dance

There is so much potential in it. Just as dancing on a street corner is very popular right now, so could it be in the coming years?

Flamingos are already popular on dancefloors all over the world right now.

One of the things that has been great about dancing on the street corner is that if you are a good dancer, you can walk up to a flamingo and take a selfie with them or pose with them and you get a big reaction. So that is an incredible positive by itself. You can also take a video of this event.

We are seeing this with a song like the song I have been using on the new track that we are working on, and I am also using on the video for the video we are releasing this week, when I am dancing on the street corners with a flamingos.
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I got a lot of support recently from people who are dancing on the street corners. It just took a while. It is like you are walking on thin ice. You are a new kid on the block and this is just starting to become common. People who are really into it are talking about how they will do it all the time. That is cool.

It is great to see people coming out in their twenties who are all doing it because as a teenager I wanted this for me. We are just starting to see it happening at a younger age here in the States with a certain number of people like me who are still dancing around in their 20s. It is exciting. I love doing it. It is definitely a great way for me to connect and get a reaction. I feel like we need to get more people out of their house and into the street corner and it is just something that is so much fun.

What are you learning to do as an artist as you are moving further into your professional career? Are you learning from the old masters that have been doing it for generations?

I think being in a position of power or being respected or having an outlet where people can dance around and have fun with you, is really the main thing that is motivating me.

I have seen a lot of people really enjoying the energy that I bring. All throughout my career I have heard stories and they tell me that dance music is important. It is so important to them, because it is their life. They feel connected to it in every sense of the word.

Being able to take a snapshot, just put this on my

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