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As with all musical genres, the musical development of the dance style was influenced by culture and traditions of Europe – particularly from England, Switzerland and Germany, but also from the Middle East and the Middle East and South America (particularly the Caribbean and the Latin American countries).

Modern dance styles are based upon a range of musical styles (or musical patterns or motifs) and the musical styles and music patterns that they are found in and influenced by.

Musical elements that are found in, or have influenced, dance and song styles are also influenced by cultures and traditions across the globe (and which differ according to the culture and customs that culture is rooted in). By this, I mean that different musical elements can also be identified based on the culture in which they live, so a song, dance or musical pattern can be identified as a cultural expression of that culture as a whole, or as a particular tradition, regardless of when or if that cultural expression first evolved in that culture. For more about the relationship between musical elements and cultures, see my piece “Musical Elements & Culture”, and for more about the relationships between elements (or musical motifs) in different media, see my piece “Music and Media Relationships”.

In order for a cultural expression to be found in a particular area or culture, it must have been present there a long time ago and/or have had a relatively stable existence.

The origins of any particular dance form may come from many different cultural sources, although the most common are from the Old World. It is in this context that we need to consider the development of that music form in relation to the historical and cultural contexts of its time.

How do modern dance styles come about?

Modern dance forms are developed, influenced, and influenced by cultural and musical influences.

The main sources of these influences are musical genres (or musical patterns or motifs) and musical traditions (or musical traditions), such as:

(1) Ancient Mediterranean

(2) South American

(3) Middle Eastern and North African

(4) South American

(5) New World

(6) Caribbean

In an evolutionary way, certain types of music, patterns, and musical genres are developed by musicologists and scholars because they are ‘culturally relevant’ and they are thought to be the key to understanding the origins of a sound or musical genre. Many times they are not, but the cultural influences that they support are still relevant.

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