What is modern dance style? – Social Dance Curriculum

Dance style is a set of physical characteristics and physical movements that we associate with our modern-day culture. In the late 1800s, the movement and physical characteristics associated with the “dance style” were mostly influenced by European and American dancing, and were shaped by the dances of the day. The term modern dance style was initially coined by dancer and choreographer, Bill Withers in 1950.

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For example, there are certain variations of dance such as vogue, house and folk dancing, called classic, revival, or modern. There are variations of vogue, such as pomme de choux and pompeya, that are usually associated with the old French and Italian dances, such as portancourt, porte de coeur, pouletta, poulet, pommel, lumière. There also are variations of “house” which includes, for example, the “lounge” (a large audience); the “dance floor” (a smaller crowd); and the “stage” (a dance floor or space that can be used for both formal and informal dancing). There are other variations that are considered classic to traditional dance (such as French jazz, or Japanese, or Brazilian)

In the 1950s, several movements were developed to fit the new definition. These movements included the steps, or variations, in the Parisian and German styles. Other movements included the fives and the fours variations. Today, dance styles are much more focused on performance aspects, such as choreography and a choreographer. Although there are still a few classic movements, other movements include: ballet, tap, troupes, trapeze, and samba.

What is the difference between styles for dancers?

There are a number of different types of dancers that dance under similar terms, but each has a different focus. For example, a dancer might be one who focuses on the flow of the body in the dance, while a dancer who focuses on rhythmic movements might be called a ‘samba’, instead of a ‘pomme de choux’ dancer. The two most prevalent dancer types in modern dance are the modern-day and traditional. We will cover some of the distinctions in future articles.

What is modern dance?

Modern dance refers to any dance style that is a mix of the various movements and movements associated with the styles of the 1800s to the 1970s, and was not influenced by the old European and American dances

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