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It is a form of African dance with a rich, complex history. It combines movements that are practiced from childhood to later life, particularly those performed by the Yoruba culture, and has been the source of many contemporary African music styles. The dance is very basic and is not very dance-like in terms of dance movement. It is performed very quietly, in a certain rhythm and with a certain way of speaking, in syncopated rhythms and with the same steps and the same footwork. It is very well known for its simplicity in expression of the dancers and for its many variations and variants. Rumba itself has no specific vocabulary, but has a very rich vocabulary of dance, music and music history.

MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) – Moscow says it has not made any contact with any NATO country in response to its decision to deploy a US missile defence system in Poland and the Baltic States.

The US-designed terminal high altitude area defence (THAAD) system is planned to be installed on three Polish batteries. The three batteries are located in Poland and also in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Speaking at a joint briefing with Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow opposes the deployment of any THAAD systems in countries that share a border with Russia.

“We don’t see any reason [for such deployment]. We regard it as an infringement of international law,” Zakharova said.

NATO member states have criticized Russia for developing a THAAD missile defence system in Russia’s ex-Soviet republics, particularly in the Baltic republics, and called for a ban or reduction of its installation near their territory.


The deployment of a US THAAD missile defence systems in Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine would threaten the security of all of them, Russian officials have asserted.

“The Russian Federation will not hesitate to take strong and appropriate measures if NATO has not decided, on March 20, to reduce its nuclear missiles and its forces to a level equivalent to the level provided, on the one hand, by treaty, and, on the other hand, by mutual mutual understanding,” said Moscow lawmaker Valeriya Yaremaeva.

Washington has also insisted that deployment of the THAAD missiles in Poland and the Baltic States is aimed at ensuring protection to other NATO

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