What is social dance and examples? – Valley Social Dance Studio Ton Wi Airport

1. Why the term?

2. Social dance: how does it differ from other forms of dance?

3. The history of social dance

4. Social dance in the Americas

5. The history of social dance in Europe

6. What makes social dance unique?

7. How social dance is organised

8. What is social dance in different countries? If you find something not to your liking, why?

9. How social dance is done around the world

10. The differences between the social dance of the Caribbean and the social dance of Europe

11. What is being taught in British schools?

12. What are the benefits of social dancing?

13. What is being learnt through social dance?

14. What is social dancing in the developing world? The difference between a social dance and a formal dancing school?

15. The history of social dance in the world

16. Social Dance in the US

17. What are the social dance opportunities in British schools?

18. What is the meaning of social dance?

19. Are formal dancing schools the answer?

20. Are there any professional social dancing schools in the world?

21. What is a social dancing teacher?

22. Why do dancers often need more practice?

23. What is a cultural dance?

24. Does social dancing affect the social environment?

25. Why do dancers have to get involved?

26. What is social dance for?

27. What is the relationship between social dancers and performers?

28. Who are social dancers?

29. What are the benefits of social dancing?

30. What is the connection between social dancing and the African community?

31. What is being taught in French schools?

32. What has been the history of social dancing in France?

33. Does dance education improve social skills?

34. Do other countries have social dancing programmes?

35. Social dancing and the environment

36. What is a cultural dance and why is it popular?

37. What are the ecological benefits of social dancing?

38. What are the environmental problems associated with social dancing?

39. How and why does social dancing affect the environment?

40. Do social dancing and the environment affect the health of the individual?

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