What is social dance and examples?

Social dancing usually means dancing with other people, especially in public locations in front of groups. It can be a mix of social and corporate dancing and can range from being dance on a stage with other people to sitting alone at a bar and just going about your business and enjoying yourself. In the United Kingdom, in most situations that can include groups doing dance routines in front of the group of friends. Social dancing is not all about dancing. Many social dances, whether private to you or with others in a group, may be non-professional in nature if you are not a dancing professional. A lot of social dances are used as an opportunity to have fun, to meet new people and to learn how to keep your cool. For more information check out the Social Dancing page on the UK website or see this YouTube video

Where is social dancing?

Social dancing can be found all around a city, town or country. You can find social dancing wherever there are people and when you can. For information on other UK cities, see cities.

Social dancing can also be found in many countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. Many countries are very familiar with social dance, some even using it as part of their national culture. This can include the UK, the US and many other countries and cities in the world. For more information click on the social dancing page.

I’d like to use social dancing in school or business, what is the best place to do it?

Many schools and colleges teach social dancing – see the social dancing page for details.

There are various ways of doing social dancing. When choosing one of these to do when preparing for a dance, think about the following points.

1. Is the dance suitable for everyone?

Everyone has different needs and preferences. You need to make sure you are not being too intimidating or too pushy.

2. Can one person do them all, and others can join?

No way! Social Dancing is all about being safe; it’s very important you try to encourage and support other dance participants. As well as being comfortable and relaxed, everyone needs to be able to balance the dance, while getting a decent flow and technique. There are other ways of doing social dancing and some are more difficult for beginners.

Social dancing is not appropriate every time or for everyone. You can find out more about which dances are appropriate and why here and why not here.